“Thank you Oil-MAX for saving me time and money! In the month of October we go through about 100+ cases of Super Fry. With the Oil-MAX filtration system we ONLY have to change the oil once a month. We have been using Oil-MAX for 26 years and will keep using it for many more years! Your staff is great and very helpful.” The DePiero Family DePiero Country Farms"

“We started using Sparklaid where I work over a year ago. I really love this product and what it has done for us. Before Sparklaid we were changing the oil in our fryers on a weekly basis. Now I can extend the life of our oil to at least two weeks sometimes more. It is simple to use and has done wonders for us. I would highly recommend this product.” SharonExecutive Chef Oak Wood Place Assisted Living

“We have only been open for 4 weeks we use our Sparkler Filter everyday and really enjoy the fact that is has extended our oil from 7 days to 14 days. Thanks for the great products!”  Michael, Owner “The Chicken Coop”

“I have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years now.  We have three locations with three 40 lb fryers at each location. We are a barbecue restaurant but we sell a tremendous amount of fries, chicken tenders, fried chicken, and fried tomatoes. Everything is hand floured so, as you can imagine, at lot of flour ends up in the bottom of the fryers.


We only use peanut oil and we haven't been able to find any other oil that gives us the flavor we want. In the past, when oil was cheap, we didn't pay as much attention to the oil. We filtered once a day, didn’t use any powder, and dumped the oil every week. Nowadays peanut oil is liquid gold and we need to make it last as long as possible. We purchased several makes of filter machines; at one of our busiest locations we received a Sparkler machine. That machine outlasted the others with no problem. Since then we have put Sparkler machines in all three locations. I love the simplicity of the Sparkler. The parts are standard and very easy to replace or maintain. The filter is also very simple. No weird, expensive, or hard to find filters. Just a simple filter that fits over a stainless steel frame.

What makes the filter shine is Oil-MAX powder (Sparklaid). I was a skeptic of fry powder for a long time. It seems that every week a vender would try to sell me a new additive. When I purchased the Sparkler filter machine I decided to try the sample of (Sparklaid) powder. It made a huge difference. It helps to pull the fats from the peanut oil and you can see it on the filter. After installing the machines and using Oil-MAX we more than doubled the life of our oil. We filter twice a day and always use Oil -MAX. I think we’re getting at least 3 weeks before changing now.

If it wasn’t for Sparkler and Oil-MAX we would have been forced to switch to a cheaper oil.”

Grif Morpeth, Owner

“Country’s Barbeque, Inc.”

“As the cofounder of Fried Green Fryer Team, we specialize in filtration of cooking oil and fryer management. I need to share with you my experiences with Oil-MAX filter, envelopes and Sparklaid. In my line of work, I'm constantly being contacted to try new products that include new filtration machines and envelopes in order to maximize the ability and the quality of food product that my clients are preparing.

After exploring several different options in the creation of FGFT, I have to say without any doubt that I'll put Oil-MAX filtration Systems and envelopes against any system on the market today. The major difference is the quality. Oil Max filtration systems offer the greatest ease of use as well as durability to keep up with the fast-paced environment of any food establishment in America.

True story, I drive a F350 duly truck. I accidentally forgot to put up my tailgate up in the back of my truck as I was racing to service my next client... As I was driving down a major highway the entire frame of my oil max filtration system and stainless steel tub fell out of my truck into the highway. When I say quality and durability I mean it. At 45MPH what machine could fall out of a Ford Dually F350 truck and not have one single scratch on it? I don't know of one on the market.

When you buy an oil max filtration system, you are buying something that will stand the test of use over and over again.”

Nathan J. Moore, Cofounder

“Fried Green Fryer Team”