100% Organic Formula

Sparklaid® is a filter aid, added prior to filtration, to absorb impurities for optimum filtration.Filter Aid, Oil Management, Natural Organic Formula Fry Filtration

Sparklaid® has found acceptance in all aspects of the hospitality industry, from food-service and Quick Service Restaurants to convenient stores and hotels. Completely organic, every component in Sparklaid® is specifically selected to attack these oil deteriorating chains on a chemical level through ion exchange and adsorption, as well as water absorption. Sparklaid® accomplishes this through a combination of positive and negative charges that bind to acids and toxins, which helps maintain the PH level and allows for a more effective overall filtration of harmful chains. The natural chemical properties of Sparklaid® also restore the color and natural aromas of the oil.


Sparklaid® is used as the chemical component in the Oil-Max Filtration System. It absorbs smaller chemicals that the mechanical portion would not have filtered out without Sparklaid®. For more information view How Oil-Max Works.