Instructions for Use







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1. Heat fryer to 350°F (please note that depending on the oil you are using this temperature can exceed your smoke point. Check your smoke point for the oil you are using and do not exceed it).




2. Place filter plate inside envelope, fold envelope twice at open end and staple.






3. Attach suction pipe and plate with top and bottom plate coupling. Make sure coupling is completely fastened. You should not be able to turn the envelope when coupling is secure.















4. Slip motor and pump assembly on motor mounting bracket.




5. Connect suction pipe and pump inlet (standing behind the pump, this is on the right hand side) with snap-tite coupling. The snap-tite coupling has a safety lock feature, you must pull and twist until this feature is unlocked, allowing you to securely fasten coupling. Once you securely fasten coupling to pump inlet, twist coupling 180 degrees clockwise. This will ensure that it will not come loose during operation. Figure 1 shows the snap-tite coupling unlocked. Figure 2 shows the snap-tite coupling attached to the pump inlet prior to locking.


Figure 1                                                                                  Figure 2.




6. Connect discharge hose to pump outlet pipe with snap-tite coupling. Once you securely fasten coupling to pump outlet, twist coupling 180 degrees clockwise.













7. Add 1/4lb Sparklaid powder directly to the oil in the fryer for every 20lbs of oil (for heavy volume frying increase to reach desired color and results). You will see a color change within the first few seconds. As you continue to stir, the oil will begin to turn darker as more impurities are removed. For best results continue stirring the oil for at least 5 minutes, but not to exceed 10 minutes.








8. Turn fryer off. Drain hot oil into SOF pot. Hold the discharge hose securely over the fryer. Switch pump motor to “on” position.  


9. Wash down fryer with hot oil using discharge hose. Wash all remaining Sparklaid from bottom of fryer and wash all sides of the fryer to ensure residual food particles and char are completely filtered.  Leave drain to fryer open so the oil will drain back into the filter pot during this process.


10.   Close drain on fryer and filter oil back into fryer. Nozzle should be immersed in oil during filling to reduce potential splash. Turn pump off when complete.


11.   FOR SHORTENING ONLY- Open relief valve, hold discharge hose up and let excess oil drain into filter pot (relief valve will be HOT).  This keeps oil from solidifying and clogging up the pipes. Place discharge hose back in holder. Switch motor on and let pump a few seconds with the relief valve still open to kick the remainder of the oil out of the pump. Turn off motor and close valve.


Valve Closed.                                         Valve Open.












NOTE: ** Always use extreme caution when working with hot oil as serious injuries can occur. We recommend using heat resistance gloves during the filtration process. Always hold nozzle tight and secure. **